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  • ManorFest 2019 Featured Act Highlights

    ManorFest 2019 Featured Act Highlights

    Two weeks ago I had the pleasure to attend and privilege to produce a portion of the first ever ManorFest at the McFarland Manor. The manor is a house venue in Gordon Square that puts on shows the last Friday or Saturday of every month, usually. The fest was an incredibly successful and heroic effort…

  • Corry Michaels – Pop / Dance / EDM / Songwriter

    Corry Michaels – Pop / Dance / EDM / Songwriter

    Corry and I discuss his musical and performance roots, how he has used YouTube and remote collaboration to learn, his growth from a solo artist to leading a full and vibrant band, and how he is working toward his dream of being a professional musician. Links:  Twitter  Instagram Facebook

  • Matt Pless – Punk-Folk Musician

    Matt Pless – Punk-Folk Musician

    Today my guest is Matt Pless, a punk/folk/protest musician that I first encountered at Occupy Wall St, which we reflect on a bit, in addition to the standard questions I get into with every musician. Like many other artists I’ve interviewed, it’s a goddamned national tragedy that Matt isn’t more widely known. https://www.mattpless.com/ From his…

  • Brent Kirby – Rock Musician

    Brent Kirby – Rock Musician

    Brent Kirby’s been called by many of his peers one of Cleveland’s hardest working musicians and his actions prove that. In 2013, Brent Kirby was voted “Best Singer” and also “Best Male Vocal” by the Cleveland Scene, and 2012, he was voted “Best Musician”. When he is not playing solo or with his band, called…

  • Memorial Day Mixtape

    Memorial Day Mixtape

    I took the weekend off, and so no new musical guest this week. Instead, I’ve put together this mix tape of all the musicians featured so far on the show. Check back tomorrow for part one of my interview with Michael Brennan, mayor of University Heights. Tracks: 1:40 – The Year Ahead by Ray Flanagan…

  • Molly Ruth – Outlaw Country

    Molly Ruth – Outlaw Country

    This week I’ve got another guest that I met while I was living in New York City, Molly Ruth.  We talk about how growing up in NYC shaped her and the state of the city, the meaning behind some of her song lyrics, and her time at Standing Rock. In a pinch I’ve described Molly…

  • Robinson Treacher – Singer/Songwriter

    Robinson Treacher – Singer/Songwriter

    Today’s guest is Robinson Treacher, a singer-songwriter with a heart and voice of gold that I met nearly 10 years ago at a family-owned cafe in Queens called Waltz Astoria. We talk about Robinson’s formative experiences with music, his creative process, the spiritual undertones of his lyrics, and his newfound love of house shows. This…

  • XE La Soul – Part 2

    XE La Soul – Part 2

    In part two of my discussion with Xe La, we go a bit deeper into politics, creating community, the people he looks out for, and a thousand other directions in between. Xe La’s Website Xe La on Spotify Songs in this Episode: Piece Movement Consumed Catalyst World of Hours Ain’t Got Jak for Jil Sounds…

  • XE La Soul – Jung Punk Musician

    XE La Soul – Jung Punk Musician

    My guest today is Alexander Alvarez, aka XELA. Alex is a man who has a very pure and complicated relationship with music and the world, and one of the most beautiful hearts and minds I’ve had the privileged to watch unfold on this show. One of the questions I ask every guest is “What is…

  • McFarland Manor  – Cleveland House Show Venue

    McFarland Manor – Cleveland House Show Venue

    In part two of my interview with Michael McFarland, we chat about the history of McFarland Manor. McFarland Manor is a Cleveland house venue in the Gordon Square District, organized by Michael McFarland, Cassie Bishop & Mikey Silas. The Manor hosts monthly concerts, generally on the last Friday or Saturday of each month. Follow McFarland…

  • Michael McFarland – Indie Rock Musician

    Michael McFarland – Indie Rock Musician

    This week my guest is indie-rocker and musical architect, Michael McFarland. We ended up covering a lot of ground, so I had to break this interview up into two parts. Today’s episode covers Michael’s childhood being homeschooled by his two exceptionally brilliant parents, what it was like gigging as a teenage musician (I even got…

  • Madeline Finn – Songwriter Singer

    Madeline Finn – Songwriter Singer

    On today’s episode, Madeline Finn and I talk about her early start in music, the lessons she learned as an American Idol contestant, and how she plans to move forward as a musician using Patreon to sustain herself and leveraging that commitment to fans to fuel her creativity. This one runs pretty long, closing in…