ManorFest 2019 Featured Act Highlights

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure to attend and privilege to produce a portion of the first ever ManorFest at the McFarland Manor. The manor is a house venue in Gordon Square that puts on shows the last Friday or Saturday of every month, usually. The fest was an incredibly successful and heroic effort on the part of its producers, Michael McFarland, Amanda Nyx, Cassie Bishop, and Mikey Silas.

Performers and Times:
  1. Wildcard Leader (5:02)
  2. Horizon Lights (8:22)
  3. Steve Wright (11:22)
  4. Jason Patrick Meyers (14:46)
  5. Michael McFarland (18:19)
  6. Jul Big Green (25:09)
  7. Shy Moon (30:27)
  8. Saint Joan (33:59)
  9. BZ Carnivale Opening Song feat. Deb Zep & Michael McFarland (38:03)
  10. BZDZ (40:49)
  11. Corry Michaels (44:28)
  12. Guggy (48:41)
  13. Malik X (54:32)
  14. Reginleif (57:28)
  15. BZDZ Encore (1:01:32)

Apologies to Blindside Avenue for recording difficulties, and to Noon and Daniel J two performers who I didn’t get the recorder set up in time for on Saturday.