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  • Cutleri – Avant Folk Trio

    Cutleri – Avant Folk Trio

    I’ve known Cutleri for about a decade going back to when I first started playing music in 2009. It was at Penny’s Open Mic that I first discovered Cutleri when they were the featured guest. They immediately stood out, from the sheer number of instruments and musical toys amassed around them. Heidi Harris would play…

  • Larry Elefante – Musician

    Larry Elefante – Musician

    Today my guest is Michael Rutushin, aka “Larry Elefante”. On the show we talk about Michael’s musical family, his first gigs, his worst gigs, and his new album, “I Get Sentimental” recently released on vinyl by way of a successful kickstarter campaign and now available on Spotify and Bandcamp.

  • Steve Holecko – Political Director CCPC

    Steve Holecko – Political Director CCPC

    Today my guest is Steve Holecko, Political Director of the Cuyahoga County Progressive Caucus or CCPC for short. This is by far the longest episode I have released, so I will keep the introduction short. As the seemingly endless marathon that is the 2020 democratic primary gets underway and starts to take up all the…

  • Robert Evans – Journalist

    Robert Evans – Journalist

    Today my guest is Robert Evans: journalist and host of the “Behind the Bastards” podcast. I first noticed Robert’s work in 2013 when he was writing for, a comedy site that did a surprising amount of important reporting and political commentary. The piece was entitled “6 Myths About Drone Warfare You Probably Believe”, and…

  • Kate Hart – Nerd Folk Musician

    Kate Hart – Nerd Folk Musician

    Kate Hart is a Cleveland pioneer of “nerd folk”, a genre she may or may not have invented. Please do let me know on twitter or elsewhere if she’s wrong because Kate is also a scientist, and therefore very much would appreciate the criticism, so she can correct that claim. In today’s interview, we talk…

  • Mikey Silas – Musician

    Mikey Silas – Musician

    Today’s episode is with another rising star of the Cleveland music scene, Mikey Silas. Mikey’s stage presence is as big as his heart, and is a font of positivity and encouragement, both in person and online. I first heard him at an open mic in 2018 and was instantly captivated by his soulful vocals and…

  • Occupy Wall Street Reflections

    Occupy Wall Street Reflections

    Today’s episode is another throwback, reflecting on Occupy Wall Street, which we are currently in the 7th anniversary of. The occupation began on September 17th, 2011, and was viciously evicted on November 15th. Living in New York during OWS is something I will always treasure. I first heard about something going on downtown from a…

  • Hannah Stak – Singer/Songwriter

    Hannah Stak – Singer/Songwriter

    This week’s episode is with Cleveland singer-songwriter, Hannah Stak. I first heard her play at the McFarland Manor house show, and she lived up to the high praise I’d been hearing from my wife, Deb. She was one of the first artists I booked for the revival of my Carnivale last August. I also loved…

  • Holly LeCraw – Author/Activist

    Holly LeCraw – Author/Activist

    Today’s interview is with my first non-musical guest, Holly LeCraw. She’s a Boston-based author of two books, The Swimming Pool and The Half Brother, and is currently working on a third. I met Holly in the spring of 2016 during my brief stint as an amateur journalist, covering the debacle that was the New York…

  • Curtis Eller – Banjo Player, Songwriter, and Storyteller

    Curtis Eller – Banjo Player, Songwriter, and Storyteller

    I discovered Curtis in the summer of 2009 when he opened for the Squirrel Nut Zippers in New York City. I don’t remember a thing about them, but I’ll never forget how Curtis captivated me. His performance involved a fair amount of high kicks, twirling, intimate storytelling, some light yodeling, and absolutely no recognition of…

  • Charley Crocket – Texas Bluesman (2018)

    Charley Crocket – Texas Bluesman (2018)

    It has been an honor and a privilege to know Charley Crockett, and get to watch his star rise. I met Charley Crockett in 2009 at a small open mic in Astoria, back when I was giving standup comedy a shot. Shortly after we met, he put out word that he was looking for a…

  • Charley Crockett – Texas Bluesman (2014)

    Charley Crockett – Texas Bluesman (2014)

    Charley Crockett is the man who nicknamed me BZ, back in 2009 when we first met at an open mic in NYC. This episode is pulled from my very first attempt at podcasting back in 2014. We cover a lot of Charley’s background before he came to NYC, his life as a full-time busker, and…