Deb Zep – Singer/Songwriter/Soulmate

Hello and welcome to an especially schmultzy episode of BZ Listening. Today is my seven year wedding anniversary with my amazing wife Deb Zep. Unfortunately, she’s not here to celebrate with me because she is off on a 10 day vacation in Italy with her sister. So I am role-playing the life of a single father for the next week, but what could be a better anniversary gift for a full-time mom than time away from her kids? Well, I figure dedicating my 40th episode to her is a nice cherry on top.

Kicking things off will be a storytelling show we write and first performed as part of the Pandemonium festival at Cleveland Public Theater. The recording is from our second time taking the show out, to the Akron storytelling show “Bigger than a Breadbox” produced by Wandering Aesthetics. In the show, we tell the story of how we first met, with bits of our songs peppered throughout.

Following that will be some of my favorite covers and originals listed below.

Deb Zep Online:


  • BZ & DZ: A Musical Love Story (performed at Wandering Aesthetic’s Bigger Than a Breadbox)
  • Here With Me (featuring Marbar on guitar)
  • Stand By Me
  • Hound Dog (BZDZ)
  • Don’t Let Us Get Sick
  • Without You (BZDZ)
  • Home
  • Just Be You
  • Astoria Shore